Going global with the next generation of Integrated Facilities Management Services

Integrated services that make all the difference

A global leader in Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions, Sodexo is a trusted provider of Facilities Management to businesses across Australia. Sodexo is a supplier of choice with comprehensive solutions ranging from sophisticated asset management and engineering services to traditional hard and soft FM. Sodexo offers complete service integration with one management team, with services delivered and tailored to your specific business needs.

Our integrated facilities management services play a pivotal role in improving performance and increasing strategic value for businesses across a range of industry sectors. In Australia, Sodexo delivers facilities management services to some of the nation’s leading miners, as well as corporate, schools, offshore oil rigs, aged care facilities, and government and justice segments

Sodexo is going global with its technological approach to enhance service delivery through FM management systems and global best practice; Using integrated technology and business systems to improve workflow, providing proactive rather than reactive maintenance strategies that accurately manage and measure the condition of equipment or services, and ultimately improving your ability to make more effective  business decisions. 

With over 100 individual services to choose from, ranging from catering and cleaning to building maintenance, technical asset management and waste management, Sodexo has the scale and expertise to deliver customised integrated facility management packages that drive efficiencies and increase strategic value for your business.

At a fundamental level, Sodexo turns technical maintenance services into innovative business solutions. Ensuring equipment such as air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems are working properly and identifying any issues that need attention; whether we are advising on the best time to replace equipment or proposing an Asset Management strategy; our complete service approach aims to identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings, and minimize the cost of ownership, to enhance investments and extend their operating life. Asset Management services range from auditing and advising on energy or water efficiency, to space planning – helping companies make better use of available space for their workforce.

Our focus on managing complexity and providing technical solutions extends the range of services to include system design and specification.

High profile clients trust Sodexo’s integrated facility solutions

Rio Tinto has turned to Sodexo to deliver a matrix of services once provided by 600 separate contractors – delivering unparalleled transparency and accountability from a single industry partner. Sodexo brought together a number of disparate systems into a technology solution to manage communications and predictive analytics to deliver integrated facilities management services across the client’s extensive operations in Australia’s Pilbara region. Rio Tinto’s assets in the Pilbara region comprise of ports, towns, aerodromes, operational sites, accommodation sites, commercial buildings, and residential properties.

Unilever streamlined its supplier list from 600 down to one, entrusting all of its Facilities Management needs to Sodexo for its 77 sites across Europe. This extremely varied contract spans technical maintenance and breakdown work as well as some of our classic services such as food and security services.

Likewise, Sodexo was selected by KLM as the sole provider of an integrated package of Facilities Management services – 44 services in all, including management and maintenance of 75 buildings and installations at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In fact, in almost all walks of life, Sodexo is there. Even for soccer fans around the world, if you ever wondered who checks the 100,000 seats before each match at the Barcelona Football Club’s stadium, look for the team behind the scenes… Sodexo.

Expanding range of facility support services know-how

As infrastructure systems such as air conditioning or security systems become increasingly sophisticated, the need for highly qualified experts is vital. As one of the leading facilities management companies in Australia, Sodexo has a rigorous program in place to recruit, train and equip technicians wherever they are needed, to continue meeting the high expectations of our clients.

Asset Management Framework


Sodexo delivers technical service in over 54 countries. We manage all sorts of assets in a wide variety of business environments. We have developed the Asset Management Framework to harness our best worldwide practices and define the Sodexo distinctive way for technical services and asset management.

What we do for Bancolombia

Central heat maintenance
Since 1997, Bancolombia, Colombia’s largest bank, has entrusted Sodexo with responsibilities ranging from cleaning services to technical maintenance. So when Bancolombia needed a more comprehensive service solution, Sodexo was there to provide it.

Sodexo - Unilever Partner to Win Award

Unilever (Homepage block)Sodexo has been presented with the ‘World Class Service & Quality’ Award for the roll out of a global Facilities Management Transformation program at the Unilever Partner to Win Summit.