For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, being true to your word is the centrepiece of any lasting relationship. During our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) journey we’ve demonstrated our trustworthiness by always delivering on our promises.

Sodexo remains committed to our RAP governance with the full support of all of our business resources.

Our RAP Governance Structure

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices: Respected and knowledgeable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees sit on the RAP Steering Committee and the RAP Working Groups. They ensure our plans and actions are aligned to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

RAP Program Management: The RAP Program Manager reports to the General Manager for Indigenous and Community Engagement sitting under the remit of the Country President. Our whole of organisation approach ensures responsibility and accountability in delivering to our RAP commitments. The responsible RAP ProgramManager will work with and have the full support of the RAP Steering Committee, Country Leadership Committee and the Working Groups.

RAP Steering Committee: Accountable for the delivery of RAP and leadership across the business and community, the RAP Steering Committee is the key Governance body. It is made up of the local Sodexo Executive Team and a cross section of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices. The Program Manager reports to and is a permanent member of the Steering Committee.

Sodexo Management: On a day-to-day basis, operational management will be required to support, facilitate and manage the realisation of the RAP. Sodexo Management will be educated and developed to enable this outcome with the full backing of the other bodies that make up the RAP Governance Structure.

Country Leadership Committee: As with all aspects of our business in Australia, the CLC will own the commitments of the Elevate RAP and ensure it is fully integrated with our organisational strategy. They manage changes to the business and RAP as required to ensure it remains relevant, aligned and is successfully delivered.

Our Key Areas of Focus:

Governance structure: Sodexo develops and documents briefs and charters, conducts training and sets expectations. We continue to improve the connections between each component of the Governance model though regular review and feedback from stakeholders.

Empowerment: The RAP Manager is empowered in the relevant skills and assigned clear accountabilities.

Increased measurement and reporting: By setting strong KPIs and regularly reviewing metrics we can understand our progress, document our impact, take corrective action and, where needed, report more frequently to stakeholders.