Our Focus: Fostering a culturally sensitive workplace that provides genuine opportunity for participation, long term career success and personal growth.

Sodexo remains involved through our ongoing commitment to employing, developing and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander personnel.

We know an inclusive company is a successful one and the contributions of our indigenous team members have undoubtedly helped us build the brand we have today.

Sodexo is proud to continue working with and seeking the guidance of Elders, community leaders, organisations, local communities and employees. This collaboration helps us maintain workplace standards that are inclusive, considerate and accommodating to the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

We also continue to develop and implement initiatives across the employee lifecycle that promote and deliver increased participation and long-term growth. Our continued commitment to developing indigenous careers means we are focused on the following:

Direct employment: We intend to maintain our current employment levels of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members. We’re striving to increase employment of indigenous professionals across all segments and levels of our business, including semiskilled, technical, trades, and management.

Employment pathways: Sodexo is committed to promoting workplace readiness, professional development and access to managerial training and roles for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

Development pathways: We offer structured development opportunities through access to apprenticeships and traineeships. By investing in the right education programmes, we can mitigate existing disadvantages and provide career path opportunities.

Mentoring and support: Investment in indigenous workplace community mentoring and support allows us to provide meaningful leadership to our staff.

Engagement and retention: An increase in cultural awareness and understanding of non-Indigenous employees strengthens the workplace community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Sodexo is committed to providing access to personal and professional growth with an eye to increasing retention.