FM Trends Report 2023Welcome to the 2023 Australia Facility Management Trends Report! The past few years have been extraordinary for the world, businesses, and the facilities management industry. From a global pandemic, international conflict, and inflationary pressures to more local issues such as reduced workforce availability, we are certainly living in challenging times. And yet, it’s been a time when the FM industry has come into the spotlight, further demonstrating its value and importance.

In this edition of our FM Trends Report, we look to unpack the emerging themes across our industry and how Sodexo is co-creating solutions with our clients and consumers for today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

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Industry Trends 

People at meeting with digital chart overlay to show trendsAgility, sustainability, data innovation, human-centred, and predictive are the key terms the FM industry is set to embrace over the coming year.


Mining Data for New Insights

FM dataIn the last five years, data-driven insights and decisions have become a staple of facilities management. The future will see more collaboration between data scientists and decision-makers, where now a communication gap exists.


The Power of Predictive Maintenance

Technician is predicting the issues inside server roomResearch suggests 85% of maintenance spending is on reactive maintenance. The aspirational model is the predictive approach, predicting when an asset may fail, perform poorly or otherwise demand attention.


A Focus on People and Experience-Driven FM

Two happy and confident FM experts work in the fieldFor workplaces, companies want to deliver an exceptional workplace experience. Today’s workforce has a reasonable expectation that their employer will support their mental health and well-being at work.


Sustainability and Building Efficiency

solar panel and wind power generatorA sustainable post-COVID recovery has encouraged organisations to be conscious of protecting the health of our planet, and regulations are being – and will continue to be – introduced in response to this.


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