Pierre Bellon"When I created Sodexo, I set out to improve the Quality of Life of our consumers and clients while creating meaningful employment options. Diversity and equality of opportunity are part of our values." 
Sodexo's Founder Pierre Bellon


Keith Weston “The RAP builds upon our reconciliation journey and achievements, providing a roadmap to inspire and realise greater potential in making a real and measurable difference to the lives and communities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.” 
Keith Weston Managing Director Sodexo Australia

Our vision for reconciliation: Improving the Quality of Life of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities, continuously and sustainably.

Every organisation has a responsibility to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. Our duty is to use our business to develop and contribute guided by the three reconciliation’s pillars: 

As an Elevate RAP organisation, Sodexo continues to strive across our business to achieve and provide more for communities. We aim to honour these pillars and deliver outcomes in line with our Quality of Life philosophy and Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments.

Through empowerment of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, Sodexo has created and continues to create direct and indirect economic opportunities. Across more than 200 client sites nationally, Sodexo employs indigenous Australians delivering $33.5M in wages creating a direct financial impact for families and communities. 

Sodexo has also reformed Supply Chain processes to ensure cultural and community due diligence. As a part of this effort we employ Sodexo’s senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership to directly work with businesses. Wherever possible, Sodexo seeks to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business into our supply chain and to include these enterprises into our tender process. 

Sodexo is proud of supporting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander small business movement across Australia, working with enterprises in both urban areas and cities through to regional and remote locations. We will continue to explore opportunities and build capability, enabling long-term economic security and different business models to create opportunities.

Sodexo will continue to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by

Our global and local business is best suited to deliver tangible results by following our core value: 

Improving the Quality of Life of our employees, clients, consumers and their communities. 

Sodexo will deliver significant and practical outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities through continued focus on our three priorities. We aim to provide maximum impact and introduce stronger governance and leadership to ensure we deliver on the following commitments: