Our Focus: Working together to build an inclusive business that embraces, supports, extends, values and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and relationships.

Sodexo places a high priority on developing and nurturing lasting and respectful relationships with individuals and communities. We acknowledge that strong cultures, languages and identity are the foundations of a prosperous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Our continuing support of these communities nationwide, participation in National Reconciliation Week, showcasing NAIDOC Week and the Journey to Reconciliation are demonstrations of our commitments to relationships and respect.

We continue to strengthen community relationships and provide ongoing support to the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is the cornerstone of our second RAP Elevate and it presents us with the strongest opportunity for real and sustainable change.

Our areas of key focus are:

Workforce education: We support the continued education of our executives, management and employees to increase awareness, insight and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. At the same time, we strive for greater understanding, acceptance and celebration of the power of diversity within the workplace.

Cultural partnerships and community support: Sodexo facilitates discussions with Traditional Owners, Elders and leaders. During these conversations we respectfully request their assistance and guidance in the creation of cultural partnerships that develop greater understanding, appreciation and local celebration of indigenous cultures in our business.

Inclusion: We work to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guidance in the development of business strategy and planning.

Continued support: Sodexo is committed to regular participation, support and employee access to significant cultural events and activities.