Thank you for considering Sodexo as a potential supporter of your event or charity. As you can imagine we receive many requests for sponsorship each year. Whilst we would like to be able to support all applications, in some cases, we are unable to assist due to existing commitments, relevance and budgetary constraints.

To assist you in your application, please consider the following points carefully. All proposals will be reviewed and assessed based on:

In some cases, sponsorship proposals which do not meet the above criteria may still be considered.


Applying for sponsorship:  All applications for sponsorship must be made at least four weeks prior to the commencement of sponsorship opportunity.

Review of applications: Applications will be reviewed by a Committee and will be considered on the merits of each individual application.

Notification: Notification of the application being successful or unsuccessful will be made in writing within three weeks of Sodexo’s receipt of application.

Please submit the application form here 

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