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We don’t have employees, we have team members

Personal Growth

We are committed to developing our employees and providing various opportunities to grow their careers, through undertaking projects, learning opportunities, internal development courses or externally accredited training. We are very proud of having numerous examples of people working through our business to secure senior positions.

Rewarding You

We are all one dedicated team at Sodexo, but we are also all unique and have very different needs. This is why we offer all sorts of incentives, rewards and benefits to suit the needs of all our people plus their family and friends too! We give people much more than a pat on the back for a good job – We recognise each other and make sure your hard work is appreciated.

Creating a strong culture

How do you create a team that feels like a family? At Sodexo, we care for each person's quality of life by staying true to our values. We also uphold ethical principles like loyalty, respect and support to local communities, such as our Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.

Thriving on differences

We believe the more diverse we are, the stronger we are. No matter what your background, we will do all we can to help you thrive. At Sodexo we are committed to the importance of promoting equal opportunities, valuing diversity and creating an inclusive working environment for all our employees. It is a business imperative that drives our ability to create an engaged and talented workforce.

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