Technical services

Technical maintenance

Whether you work in medical care provision, offshore oil rigs, or anywhere in between, you need to know that when maintenance issues arise within your workplace, someone has it covered. The extreme weather we experience in Australia means that electrics and plumbing are essential for a happy and productive workforce. Sodexo can take the responsibility for management and repairs off your shoulders.

Asset management

Setting and forgetting isn’t an option when it comes to your assets. All industries are constantly evolving, and we help ensure that the risks, costs and performance of your assets stay at a controlled level.

General repairs

Even the most carefully maintained buildings will need repairs from time to time. When this happens, you need a response that’s immediate and professional from a team that’s focussed on finding the best solution. .At Sodexo we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch to repair work, with a high level of care.

Property management

Workplace Solutions

The way a workspace is laid-out has been shown to impact employee well-being, as well as productivity. However, creating that perfect environment isn’t always easy. Sodexo works with organisations to implement best practice based configuration.

Energy management

Four out of five Australians say action needs to happen now to counter environmental problems (WWF Australia). For companies, this means the impetus to become more efficient and sustainable is greater than ever. Sodexo helps organisations manage their energy usage, and get in line with customer expectations.

Project Management

Project works

Even the smallest project can run over budget or past deadline if it isn’t properly managed. Through our Project Management Framework, Sodexo ensures that briefs are carried out to the letter, and deliverables appear on time.

Fit outs

A fit out should be an exciting new chapter for a business. However, to achieve your clients’ visions, you need to properly understand what they want and why they want it. Sodexo can help you make that happen.

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