Shula Russell - Assistant Village Manager

Published on : 3/18/24
  • To describe Shula Russell as a strong person would be an understatement. Showing perseverance and positivity in the face of some of life’s toughest moments, Shula’s blossoming career with Sodexo is the next exciting chapter which she is grabbing with both hands.

    Whatever life throws at her, Shula takes it in her stride and always finds a way to make it out on top. 

    Originally joining Sodexo in 2021, Shula has recently returned from an 18-month hiatus with the business, receiving breast cancer treatment and the commencement of her Bachelor of Business (Human Resources) at the University of South Australia—an educational milestone and lifelong dream of hers. 

    Returning as Assistant Village Manager, Shula’s role involves overseeing the daily operations and services of a remote mining village, ensuring the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of the residents and clients. 

    Pursuing her true passion

    Throughout her degree and 15 years of work experience in various management roles, Shula has developed her unique skills to become the best leader she can be—inspiring others to never give up on achieving their goals. 

    Knowing firsthand the meaning of hard work and determination, Shula is dedicated to proving to the world just what she’s capable of. 

    “When I decided to return to FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out), I considered my options and what direction I wanted my career to take,” she said.

    “I’m currently on my Site Management journey and am studying human resources at university because the retention side of mining recruitment is my greatest passion.

    “I believe I can make that career transition happen with Sodexo because they truly believe in nurturing talent and providing equal opportunities to all employees. There’s no better place to learn and grow.”

    Workplace Values

    During her studies, Shula learnt about Sodexo’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) milestones and felt humbled to belong to a global business committed to making a difference.

    During her studies Shula undertook a ‘Business in Society’ course where she completed a case study on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals—which underpin Sodexo’s CSR activity—and how companies can make a difference by holding themselves accountable. It was then she decided she had to return to the Sodexo family.

    “I am driven by the mission of creating positive and memorable experiences for the people I serve and enjoy working in dynamic and challenging environments that require adaptability, creativity, and collaboration,” she said. 

    “This involves being part of a company that is working for the greater good. I am proud to be part of a workplace that strives to provide Quality of Life to not only their customers but the world.”

    Striving for equality

    Putting her passions into practice, Shula has returned as a SoTogether Champion within Sodexo—striving for a better future for all, including for more representation at senior levels and achieving gender-balanced management teams.

    “When we talk about gender equity and a passion for cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment, I believe that Sodexo intends to achieve this goal,” she said.

    “I’m extremely fortunate to have my personal values align with the business I work for. I understand that as a female leader in the business, I have the opportunity to contribute, participate, and grow as an individual.”

    Sodexo’s SoTogether gender network exists to promote gender equity within the workplace. As well as upholding the values of Spirit of Inclusion, SoTogether exists to achieve Sodexo’s gender goals as a part of its Better Tomorrow CSR roadmap. These commitments include: 

    • A 60:40 gender split in the workforce 
    • At least half of senior leadership positions held by women
    • Access to SheWorks mentoring program. 

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