Published on : 11/3/21
  • Growing up Giuseppe Cicchini thought he would pursue a career in the plumbing and electrical trades, never did he think that he would follow his father’s footsteps and become a painter.

    Although he cannot recount exactly what led him to picking up the paintbrush, Giuseppe is now a proud painter with decades of experience in the trade. Just three years ago he joined Sodexo and has since become an indispensable member of his FIFO team. 

    “A painter I knew actually recommended me to the position,” Giuseppe said.

    “I hadn’t heard of Sodexo before and was with another company at the time but thought I would give it a go. 

    I haven’t regretted joining Sodexo. I enjoy the work and the variety that goes with it; it isn’t just painting, I am learning about and supporting the other trades on-site.”

    Giuseppe’s responsibilities generally include the maintenance and preparation of accommodation, but has recently expanded to pre-occupancies where he verifies accommodation prior to residents moving in. Working thorough COVID-19 which involved prolonged swings and time away from his wife, Giuseppe values the friendship and comradery he has found within his tight-knit team. 

    “I have learnt more on-site than I have anywhere else, oftentimes from my mates,” Giuseppe said. 

    “While I am a painter, I have been known to pick up the odd chippy job to support my team when things get busy.

    “That’s the way I have always been. I’ve never really said no to anything I’ve always given it a crack.” 

    Working in the interest of supporting his team, Giuseppe is aware of his limits and recognises when he needs to ask for support to ensure the task is completed to the highest standard. Giuseppe regards times like this as an opportunity to learn and expand his skillset. 

    “I had never worked FIFO before this and was taken back by how seriously everyone on-site takes their safety,” Giuseppe said. 

    “You see it across all the trades. We help each other out while ensuring that everyone is being looked after, we don’t want to see anyone hurt. 

    “I think the safety culture is the most important thing. It goes beyond a friendship, if someone sees something, they will say something.” 

    While Sodexo has changed and adapted over time, one thing Giuseppe says has never faltered is the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Recently, Giuseppe was chosen by his manager to travel to other sites and provide support to their teams. 

    Giuseppe said

    I would really like to thank Sodexo for giving me the opportunity to grow, there has been a lot of things that I have done since being here that I didn’t think I could do,”  

    Giuseppe is on a path of continual growth, and is proud to be in a company that enables him to cultivate and hone his skills.

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