Ricki-Leigh Dick and her team

Ricki-Leigh Dick

Published on : 3/9/21
  • Not many people can say they love their first job, let alone foster excitement to attend every day – but not everyone is Ricki-Leigh Dick.

    Working with Sodexo since the start of 2018 after graduating high school, Ricki has grown in confidence and ability as a groundskeeper at Weipa. As a young Torres Strait woman in a team of 26 – five women total – Ricki has never felt like the odd one out. 

    “It’s very chilled out and easy to fit in, I love my team,” Ricki said. 

    Ricki-Leigh Dick“If it wasn’t the people, it is the hard work and maintaining Weipa that I enjoy most.”

    Pride in her local community is one of Ricki’s many admirable qualities. Most recently, she has taken a new member of the team, who faces physical challenges, under her wing in a supportive, sisterly role. Working with people aged 18 all the way up to 60, Ricki is constantly learning and shaking things up in her pursuit of personal and professional development. 

    Her eagerness to learn has paid off, with Ricki’s supervisor reporting she is one of the only team members able to operate all the equipment on-site. A powerhouse at the age of 21, Ricki is looking to expand her scope of work into traffic management during the dry season. 

    Sodexo is committed to ensuring women attain equal opportunities across all roles within the business, particularly those which have historically been male dominated. 

    “My advice for any young woman would be to be put yourself out there. You have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve anything, so you may as well just give it a go.” 


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