HR Services Supervisor Anna Glorie

Published on : 12/9/21
  • Not a lot of people are fortunate to find their talent and build a thriving career from it. But for Human Resources (HR) Services Supervisor, Anna Glorie, this is exactly what she has done.

    With a knack for organisation, a passion for learning and an authentic outlook, Anna has used her strengths and skills to shape her career with Sodexo. 

    “I was introduced to the function of HR when I was in school. I loved the idea of having a role that is people-focused as I pride myself on building relationships and being approachable,” Anna said. 

    Since starting with Sodexo I feel I have been supported to make changes to adapt with the team and my role within it.”

    Anna’s adaptability can be traced back to her final year of high school when, recognising her academic talent, Curtin University offered her a scholarship for the CBS Accelerate Program – Economics Stream. This award saw her complete a first-year Economics course over 10-weeks outside of school hours, attending weekly three-hour seminars. This, and completing a Curtin University training weekend, propelled Anna when she entered tertiary study. 

    Graduating in late 2017, Sodexo employed Anna within months after she was referred to the organisation by a university friend. 

    “I felt quite lucky to be exposed so quickly to the industry,” Anna said. 

    “I go into every day thinking; take your time, be thorough and keep communication open.

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    “Everyone appreciates it when you go the extra mile to help, and no one has ever complained if you take a little longer to get there.”

    In under four years, Anna has quickly progressed through the ranks, starting as an HR Administrator. Her current supervisorial role was purpose-built around her unique skillset. 

    “Sodexo created a whole new role for me which was awesome,” Anna said. 

    “It came off the back of me stepping up while my manager was away, and once she returned, I was offered the position permanently.”

    In Anna’s short time with the organisation, she has been involved in a number of major company initiatives, including the transition to paperless reporting, and the delivery of Sodexo’s COVID response. This response saw her communicating numerous contract variations due to COVID shutdowns, as well as being the first line of contact for questions from site staff and managers from around Australia. 

    As a young supervisor, Anna has taken the management of her team of five in her stride. 

    “I trust my team, I don’t feel that I need to micromanage them because I know they are doing their jobs,” Anna said. 

    “I’m lucky to be surrounded by a team that want to help you and see you succeed, and it’s something I reiterate to my own team constantly. If you don’t know, ask. It is as simple as that.”

    An HR Investigations course was the next step in Anna’s professional development. 

    “A key takeaway from that was to sit back to take it all in. You have to give yourself enough time to make an accurate and fair judgement,” Anna said. 

    It is this maturity that has seen her aptitude and success be continually acknowledged by her peers through Sodexo’s recognition platform ‘Recognise Me’. Recognition from Sodexo’s HR Director, Sharne Brennan, has been a personal highlight to her progression.

    “Last year was some of the toughest, if not the toughest, the team has experienced,” Sharne said. 

    “Anna took it in her stride, got the job done, was a great team player and provided additional support to me where possible to ensure we maintained the best level of service we could provide to our employees.” 

    On a broader scale, Anna’s contributions to people and culture have been recognised in the 2021 Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Awards where she was named the recipient of the Dave Ulrich HR Rising Star Award. This honour celebrates emerging HR professionals who are excelling in their professional development, providing value to their organisation and exemplify excellence. 

    Sodexo is honoured to be part of Anna’s professional journey and could not think of a more deserving recipient of this accolade. We are excited to celebrate her achievement and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. 

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