Alix Betts - Maintenance Manager

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Published on : 1/15/24
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  • Alix Betts is simply capable, reliable and driven. So, when she quickly transitioned from Property Management into her ‘dream’ role as Maintenance Manager, it came as no surprise to those who were familiar with her determination.

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    Yet for Alix, as the first area of work that has just ‘felt right’ from the onset, this role has come as a huge step-up.

    Not only does Alix undertake the responsibilities of facilities maintenance for a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) site, but she also oversees residential and commercial properties, which isn’t so common under her typical role description. It’s fair to say it’s no small feat.

    In her role, she liaises with everyone from tenants to property managers, contractors to tradesmen—all made possible through the team of four she manages who drive exceptional

    work. With a rotating cast of individuals she interacts with from day to day, it’s no wonder why she believes relationship management is a fundamental part of the job.


    It’s all about people

    According to Alix, maintenance management is similar to property management because it’s about people.

    “Although you’re dealing with houses, it’s important to recognise people are attached to their homes, so you’re also dealing with lots of emotions,” she said.

    Not only this, but she said that building trust with the contractors and tradesmen she employs ensures transparency in their working relationship and means the job gets done with ease.

    Although in an industry she claims she ‘fell into,’ the way Alix speaks about her job and the people she works alongside makes it seem as if she was born for this—and being born and raised by a mining family in the Northern Territory, perhaps she was.

    I love that you’re so busy in this role, and you’re dealing with different people all the time,” she said.

    “I was born here in Gove, so a lot of people I collaborate with I’ve known for years. I already have relationships with them and it makes it a lot easier.

    “Growing up here also means I’m familiar with the properties, the town itself, how it was built and its history—something that isn’t common knowledge.”

    Pairing her familiarity with the area with her soft skills and life experience, Alix has been able to excel in her role.

    Flexibility to thrive

    Alix’s capable and compassionate nature perhaps lends itself best, though, to her newest (and perhaps most challenging) role yet—a mother to a beautiful boy.

    Her compassion and drive mean she is a fantastic leader and an even better parent.

    You never quite expect your biggest life stages to all happen concurrently, but Alix expertly handled both the transition into parenthood and her new Maintenance Management role all at once.

    For Alix, she credits the belonging she found within her team at Sodexo that allowed her to thrive through these life stages.

    She said the flexibility of the team, tailored to her needs during this time, meant she could dedicate the time she needed to her young family while still taking on her new dream role.

    I have a great boss who supports me when I need to be flexible for my family. That being said, what you put in is what you get out.”

    “My family, especially my son, thrives off a routine. This flexibility between working from home and the office has allowed us to have this again,” she said.

    The flexibility and resources available to employees have meant the world to Alix, and she encourages others to seek this out as well.

    “There’s so much opportunity. It’s definitely a company I want to stay with,” she said.

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