Transport Supervisor Graham Powell

Published on : 11/29/21
  • With nearly 5 of his 18 years in the mining industry spent with Sodexo, Transport Supervisor Graham Powell will hang up his boots in December, leaving behind a longstanding legacy.

    From golf courses to mine sites, Graham’s journey in the energy and resources sector began almost two decades ago when he was a green keeper on a site in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 

    “That was when I had my eyes opened to the mining industry, and the different kinds of work that went along with it,” Graham said. 

    Starting with Sodexo just shy of five years ago, Graham was onboarded as a Bus Driver. Not long after, he was promoted to Leading Hand Supervisor.  

    “When I started, we had four drivers and four buses. Now we are running 14 buses with 18 drivers on rotating routes,” Graham said. 

    Graham supported the expansion of a neighbouring Sodexo site through setting up the transport systems for over 450 people to access the new location. This, and his drive to look after his colleagues – come family – is Graham’s crowning accomplishment.  

    “I’m a people person and I have been able to gain some great leadership skills and partnerships during my time with Sodexo,” Graham said.

    “Developing my staff and watching them blossom has been an absolute highlight.”

    Graham’s careful leadership and commitment to safety has led him to jokingly suggesting he will be remembered for pushing back and his ability to say ‘no’. Operating on the belief that you ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’, Graham is an exemplar leader who fosters open communication within his team.

    Another mantra of Graham’s is to ‘take your time and do it safe’. 

    “When they start to rush under pressure, that’s when you have accidents,” Graham said. 

    “You have to look after your team and their safety to get things done.” 

    Graham’s next chapter will see him relocate across the country to Melbourne to care for his family. 

    I’m going to miss the people mainly, the staff, the managers and everyone else involved.” 

    Graham is deeply admired by his team, and his decision to leave is not without its impacts. Described as a ‘good guy’ or the pillar of his transport department, his peers say Graham will be remembered for his unwavering support of fellow employees, dedicated work ethic and commitment to safety. 

    “Everything will keep going, I have faith in the team and believe they will go from strength to strength,” Graham said. 

    Sodexo thanks Graham for his service and wishes him all the best. 

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