Anthony Thampoe

Published on : 11/8/21
  • Anthony Thampoe thought he would be in FIFO for, at most, a single year. Never did he expect to be with the same company, working through a global pandemic, and overseeing four massive contracts as Operations Manager.

    I like opportunities to grow and enjoy building my career up. With Sodexo, I’ve been able to do exactly that,” Anthony said. 

    Completing his cooking apprenticeship just two years before joining Sodexo as a line chef after a stint in a hotel kitchen, Anthony believed joining Sodexo would provide opportunities for bigger things. He hadn’t anticipated the major growth opportunities which would become available to him within the company. 

    At 21 he was promoted to head chef of his first site. 

    “It was sort of sink or swim. I had to put my head down, work hard and keep the standards high,” Anthony said. 

    “To be new to the business and FIFO, then to have 140 people to feed made it a difficult position to be in. But I loved every minute of it” 

    While Anthony was excelling in his position, he quickly became eager for new challenges. The village managers recognised Anthony’s eagerness to learn and offered to start teaching him aspects of their roles (to show his gratitude, Anthony would often cook for his newfound mentors). 

    “If you show that you’re interested in growing, you definitely get the opportunity,” Anthony said.

    “My managers had one hour a day for me, where they showed me the various aspects of their roles.

    “One hour a day for two weeks is 14 hours a swing where I felt I was proactively progressing my career. All it took was a bit of food and pestering on their lunch break. 

    “I still had to do my job but focussing on learning for that hour inspired me to progress.” 

    Rising through the ranks of onshore operations, the opportunity soon presented itself for Anthony to work three months in an offshore rig. It was a three-month contract with no promises of renewal or progression, but Anthony took the leap. 

    Four years later, Anthony was working the same site as Chef Manager where he oversaw catering, accommodation, and purchasing. Recently stepping into the role of Operations Manager, Anthony is thankful for all the opportunities he has gained.

    “I can’t see myself leaving the company anytime soon, and that is after ten years,” Anthony said. 

    “I have stayed because we provide quality service, and not just quantity-based service.”

    It’s been an awesome ride. I look forward to what comes in the near future.”

    Now based in the Perth Support Centre, Anthony is closer to his family and kicking goals. Sodexo is excited to see what the future holds for this star employee. 

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