Toni Gore - Human Resources Director, Sodexo Australia

Published on : 7/7/23
Reading time : 5 min
  • Toni says - Parental leave is not a ‘one size fits all’ system, so it is important to have a flexible way of implementing it to suit everyone involved.

    Through various diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and programs, Sodexo is committed to creating a work environment where every employee feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed. In particular, gender balance and mentorship have proven to be invaluable tools for career growth and development.

    On the occasion of Women in Mining Day, we had the pleasure of speaking with Toni Gore to discuss the importance of embracing equity in the industry. Toni shared some valuable insights and answered questions about allyship and the growth of women in mining for AREEA (Australian Resources & Energy Employer Association).

    To get a deeper understanding of the discussion, please find an excerpt of the Q&A session below:

    How does a business account for parental leave?

    When retiring, women experience lower superannuation to draw from than their partners due to the pause of superannuation payments during maternity leave. This is something that could be changed if businesses promoted and supported improved secondary carer leave, as well as paid superannuation contributions during this leave.

    At Sodexo, we are fortunate to have partnered with Grace Papers who have supported the development of our parental leave policy, as well as actively contributed to coaching our team on how to maximise parental leave. Personally, I found the 1:1 coaching I received vital to my return to office and settling back into the swing of things. The confidence I found, even as a leader in the business, to pick up and carry on empowered me to manage my parental duties and leave in a way that respected my priorities and responsibilities.

    How can businesses invest in the professional development of its women?

    It is important for women to strive for leadership roles, not only to level the playing field but to ensure that there is more diversity at the table. As such, businesses must invest in the professional development of its workforce to empower women to back themselves to go for leadership roles.

    Something Sodexo does particularly well in this space is our SheLeads program. This program provides women with the resources to advance their careers through mentorship with senior leaders in the business and address barriers to progression. Since 2015, we have had more than 500 participants complete the program.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are deeply embedded in our core values. Read more about our commitments 

    Read the AREEA Female Role Model Toolkit

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