HSEQ Advisor Graham Walsh

Published on : 11/30/21
  • In 2011, Graham Walsh and 22 of his closest mates adventured from Ireland to Australia to backpack for a year, intending to pick up the odd job here and there. Over ten years later, Graham is one of three to remain and is currently applying for citizenship.

    Beyond falling in love with the picturesque landscape in Western Australia, one of Graham’s incentives to stay was his work with Sodexo. Recently promoted to the position of HSEQ Advisor, Graham started his journey with the company back in 2017 as a Utility and rapidly progressed through the ranks. 

    “Before leaving Ireland, I had been a Chef for six years,” Graham said. 

    “When I moved to Australia, I had to get my ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ to have my qualifications recognised for a commercial kitchen.” 

    Once his qualifications were verified, Graham took up a Chef position at Sodexo, proving his skillset before quickly progressing to a Sous Chef, and eventually becoming a Head Chef.

    “I’ve always found that no matter what manager, or what upline I have had, anytime I have reached out to ask what step to take next, they have been so accommodating,” Graham said. 

    “Sodexo has always pushed to find the highlights in someone’s career and excel it.”

    While he was in the position of Head Chef, Graham’s uplines began to notice the number of injuries going down and the quality of food going up. His attention of detail, particularly around safety, was impressive to say the least. He was approached with a growth plan to get into food safety, beginning with a the promotion into his current role – HSEQ Advisor.

    “I was proud to be noticed for the effort I was putting in and being approached with opportunities to push my career further,” Graham said.

    Sodexo’s willingness to promote internally has helped me step up.”

    Graham’s ambition to get into food safety in the Sodexo Food Platform is founded on his love of food, and his natural ability to make connections with his peers while working in FIFO. 

    “I didn’t expect it, but it is like a big family,” Graham said. 

    “You spend two to three weeks with the same group of people for 12 hours a day, so you develop these important relationships.”

    When asked to provide some advice on how to upskill and move up, Graham says to be upfront and honest about where you want to be. 

    “You have to be willing to communicate your ambition with your supervisors, and they will support you,” Graham said. 

    “Other than that, I would say don’t sweat the small stuff.

    “For me, I always think, ‘Can I change it?’. If the answer is ‘yes’, then I will. If the answer is ‘no’, then I can find someone who can support me to make it better or at least more manageable.”

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