Craig Adams Mining Village Manager

Published on : 3/18/22
  • In late 2021, veteran Craig Adams celebrated his tenth anniversary with Sodexo; his time with the company has been marked by his resourcefulness, dedication and his commitment to his team.

    Craig Adams photoServing in the Royal Australian Navy for 26 years, including active service in the Persian Gulf, Craig’s role as a Village Manager is unsurprisingly less intense; and yet, he says his service prepared him well to take on a leadership role and support his team.  

    “I’ve always had a relaxed nature, and it comes across with mutual respect and support in the team for our different roles across the business,” Craig said. 

    After leaving the Australian Navy, Craig took a year off to reassess and settle into civilian life  before applying for a vacant Village Manager position at Sodexo. Since then, he has worked at a number of sites and has become a valued leader.  

    “The hardest part for me was transitioning from military to civilian life,” Craig said. 

    “In many ways, being away for months on a ship made the FIFO transition easier but I had to adjust to a new way of communicating.  

    Like in the Navy, on-site we have hundreds of people with different backgrounds and beliefs living in close proximity for extended periods of time. Oftentimes, we all feel some pressure so it is really important we take the time to understand where everyone is coming from to unify under the same goal.” 

    A large part of Craig’s understanding of his team comes from initiating open and frank conversations, which is a skill he learnt during his time as a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

    Another skill that Craig brought to Sodexo was his resourcefulness. When spotting large tubs bound for landfill, he saw an opportunity for an elevated herb and veggie garden for his hospitality team, utilising the empty space around the back of the kitchens.

    “Working remotely, we have to get creative and take charge of our waste production,” Craig said. 

    “The earth out here was too hard to dig a traditional garden, so not only did we save some tubs from landfill but we found a solution which gave the team access to fresh produce for their meal preparation.”

    Putting himself in the metaphorical ‘shoes’ of the teams around him, Craig regularly takes time out of his schedule to work with different teams on-site to recognise pain-points and identify opportunities for improvement. 

    “Working alongside the team and asking how they’re feeling is the only way we can ensure they are comfortable in their position, have access to the right tools, and have the opportunity to change procedures to make their job easier, more comfortable and efficient.

    “I stay with Sodexo because of the support you get from them as a company.”

    Craig is committed to being the support system which encourages his team to stay on and take advantage of training and upskilling opportunities. Currently, Craig is looking into upskilling to try his hand at broader facilities management disciplines. 

    “Sodexo wants to know you are looking after yourself, and they’re committed to connecting you to services that can help you,” Craig said. 

    When asked what advice he would give someone looking to enter the industry, Craig said the most important thing is to take safety seriously. 

    “The second most important thing is to enjoy the opportunities you have. See new places, learn new skills, meet new people and form new bonds,” he said. 

    “Other than that, you cannot take life or yourself too seriously or you won’t enjoy the little things.” 

    Thank you for your service and focus on zero harm safety, Craig – we salute you! 

    Veterans Employment Commitment logoSodexo is a member of the Veterans Employment Commitment (VEC), recognising the skills and experience of veterans and improving their employment outcomes.




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