With 15 years working with Sodexo as a Line Chef, Thierry Adam is a legacy employee currently based at Jerriwah Village. He was only 14 years old when he started his career in the culinary industry, working at ‘a la carte’ restaurants.

Working his way up the ranks, he’s experienced many different aspects of the industry, and since working with Sodexo, he’s tried his hand at a widely diverse range of menus.

Above all, one of the highlights for Thierry is the great teams he gets to work alongside when whipping up his dream meals.

“For me, the moments that stand out to me are making the camp happy with my cooking,” Thierry said.

As a big team player, Thierry looks at getting the best out of people, always ready to give advice and help newcomers to be prepared for the unexpected, especially with the variety of challenges at each site.

His culinary idol is his own mother, who worked hard to put food on their table. Even with little money, Thierry said she “always fed us well”.

Thierry looks forward to continuing to fine-tune and perfect his culinary skills, long into the future. 

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