Sustainable development for the Pilbara’s people and business

Published on : 11/26/19
  • Kingkira Group’s ethos is to create opportunities for Aboriginal people in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, while educating and guiding local communities and business to achieve sustainable development to preserve the land for future generations.

    Kingkira Group founder Tammy O’Connor understands the Pilbara, growing up in Marble Bar and with family connection to the Nyiyaparli and Palyku Aboriginal people groups. Tammy has instilled family and community into the DNA of Kingkira, with the name derived from the Tammy’s daughters, Kingston and Shakira.

    Tammy has worked against a number of stereotypes in the business community being an Indigenous woman in business. However, when Sodexo offered Kingkira Group its
    first contract to provide security and waste management services, it allowed Tammy to demonstrate her business expertise and capability to conduct work with other high-profile companies.

    These strong ties to family, community and the land, offer Kingkara’s clients a wealth of knowledge and insight into the Pilbara and its people.

    This partnership with Sodexo has opened up opportunities for Kingkira Group to expand its service delivery to sites beyond the Pilbara.

    Today, Kingkira Group provides integrated environmental support services to the Resource, Government and Commercial sectors throughout Western Australia.


    When Tammy co-founded Kingkira Group, she leveraged her background in the security sector within the business. By 2017, Kingkira Group was working with Sodexo, employing four Indigenous people in security roles at nine locations in the Pilbara.

    This first contract was the foundation for Kingkira’s growth. As the company continued to grow and expand its service offering, it maintained its focus on providing opportunities and mentorship for Indigenous people and local businesses and suppliers.

    Working with Sodexo has allowed Tammy to learn the principles of business operation at a national and international scale; learnings which she has been able to introduce to Kingkira Group to fast- track the company’s growth. Although Kingkira Group is currently WA-focussed, Tammy’s aim is to take the business national.

    Acknowledged for her business prowess and determination, Kingkira Group was awarded the New Indigenous Business of the Year award at the Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy and Exploration (AEMEE) Conference in 2019.

    “It does motivate Indigenous people who have grown up in small communities, to see someone like myself achieve and overcome what I have in the business community”
    - Tammy O’Connor, Co-founder & Director Kingkira Group


    Tammy believes the real value of working in business is found in providing employment and mentorship to people in her community. She prioritises mentorship of Aboriginal women to help them develop a business footprint of their own.

    In 2019, Kingkira Group launched its Community Fund to create positive change in the community, with a focus on scholarships, employment and education opportunities for women and children. The Foundation is for all - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - and looks to support people in the Pilbara and beyond.


    Sodexo, global leader in Quality of Life services, approached the opportunity to work with Kingkira Group as a partnership, to ensure a positive community impact.

    Supporting Kingkira Group is a key action of Sodexo’s Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan to invest in Indigenous owned businesses and contribute to bridging the gap.

    This helps to break down corporate Australia’s preconceived notions about Indigenous business and produces a ripple effect by inspiring others in these communities to enter the business landscape.

    “We don’t transact with charities in delivering services, we transact with commercially savvy businesses who can deliver – and that’s exactly what Kingkira Group symbolises.”
    - Sean Armistead, General Manager,
    Indigenous & Community Engagement, Sodexo

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