Sodexo, world leader in quality of life services, has announced its contract with Westgold Resources will broaden to include a fourth mining site, increasing the value of its current contract with the Australian gold miner to $40 million.

The Big Bell site, located 24km north-west of Cue in WA, was launched on 1 June 2019 to support operations at the Big Bell Underground Mine, as part of the larger Cue Gold Operations project, by reducing daily commute times and ensuring worker facilities are readily available.

Under this contract, Sodexo is scoped to deliver all village, transportation, catering, cleaning, building maintenance and landscaping services at the site.

Sodexo’s existing work with Westgold to provide services to the Cue, Fortnum and Bluebird mining sites is part of a three-year contract which commenced June 2018. The Big Bell contract will conclude in 2021 in alignment with the contract for these sites.

Westgold Director of Operations, Steve Norregaard said: “Sodexo continues to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining safety and quality operations for our mining workforce. The Big Bell mine is accelerating fast to become the cornerstone asset in the Cue operations. Sodexo’s facilities management services to the Big Bell mine site give us peace of mind that workers will be provided access to high-quality facilities and a home-away-from-home experience.”

Sodexo CEO Mining APAC, Paul Cooper said: “I look forward seeing Sodexo provide the same high-quality services at the Big Bell mine site which the Cue, Fortnum and Bluebird sites have experienced. Australian mining is a sector where Sodexo continues to excel. The company successfully demonstrated its dedication to service excellence by improving village life across three of Westgold’s existing sites and this supported our proposal for Big Bell. Being awarded the Big Bell contract is testament to a strong working relationship with Westgold, after acquiring Morris Corporation that had previously held the contract for 3 years. As Westgold grows, Sodexo grows in partnership.”

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