Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, announces the creation of the corp-up Wx, a consultancy specializing in Workplace experience design. This corp-up embodies Sodexo’s will to continue its development in the management of the working environment.

Wx helps organisations to quantify and improve their workplace experience. In order to do so, their approach is structured around two pillars: data measurement & analysis and ethnography. The measurement and collection of data allows for a significant reduction in spatial footprint as well as superior collaboration. Wx utilises various technologies for these analyses: infrared technologies, thermal sensors using artificial intelligence or even accelerometers—an array of tools that ultimately lead to better decision-making. These tools combine with the second pillar around which Wx works —ethnography— through which Wx ensures that the human is at the heart of analyses, with a strong conviction that this is an essential element in creating a functional and sustainable working environment.

“The goal is for Wx to become a leading name in workspace digitalization, helping companies to quantify and improve the user experience in office spaces through ethnography, IoT, and data. That is why we are working with expert start-ups in the sector, such as Spaceti and CSM, which share our belief that the performance of organisations depends on the quality of life of employees. By combining CSM and Spaceti’s complementary technologies, we are able to offer our clients direct benefits, such as quantified data, to assist with facility management decisions and to improve their employees’ workplace experience and wellbeing,” said Yannick Villar, CEO & Co-Founder of Wx.

CSM’s solution allows companies to combine quality of life and working environment performance, using connected objects to measure occupancy, a mobile app to view available spaces in real time, and dashboards unique to the market to improve space management. All of this makes the process more efficient for companies and simpler for employees.

As for Spaceti, its integrated analytics platform combines data from various sources to analyse levels of workspace and parking utilization, air quality, and more more to enable efficient and comfortable environment. By also displaying this information through different interfaces such as mobile applications, meeting room panels, and other AV displays, Spaceti is able to provide a seamless workplace experience for employees.

Through Wx, Sodexo will build on their solutions to develop workplace experience projects for its clients, by designing and continually improving the on-site experience, from real-time space reservation to geolocation of colleagues and services.

This global Wx offer is already available to some Sodexo customers in France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and Shanghai.

About Wx
The Sodexo corp-up Wx is a consultancy that helps organisations to quantify and improve their workplace experience by combining different technologies: ethnography, connected objects, and data sciences.
Using these tools, Wx helps clients to think about their workplaces and their renovation, by defining the best spaces, technologies and services to increase employee productivity and wellbeing and reduce spatial footprint while offering a unique experience.

Wx is a Sodexo corp-up founded in 2017 in Paris. Our network of experts is present in Paris, London, Singapore and Montreal.

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