TRIGGER WARNING. If you need support, please contact EAP or 1800 RESPECT.

Dear Team,

The harrowing reports in recent weeks of historic assaults in Sydney and Canberra have been difficult to read. We are sure that Sodexo is not the only organisation to be very carefully looking at how we educate our workforce on respect in relationships of all types and at all ages.

Let us be clear. Sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying are not acceptable and will not be tolerated in this organisation. Sodexo stands for Quality of Life. Equality and respect are at the centre of our organisation, and without equality and respect, Quality of Life cannot exist.

While we sincerely hope that any current or past employee who may have experienced any similar situation would seriously consider coming forward to report it and hopefully will do so, the evidence is clear that this often does not happen. We absolutely offer all team members, past and present, private and caring support and urge you to come forward. We must all be willing to face our own reality and history in this fraught area.

At this time, you may be asking, “what are we doing in this area?”. We have shared safety moments, toolbox talks and training. We have spoken publicly on gender equality.  We have updated our policies and procedures to ensure that they are fair, just, and equitable. But this isn’t enough. We are now looking at new ways to educate our workforce on gender-based violence. Over 2021, you will see us launch domestic violence education activities, training for bystanders on what to do when you see violence and harassment and further campaigning.  

We have known the abhorrent facts for some time now. Violence against women is rife in the broader community. But the bravery of the women coming forward to share their story, facing their perpetrators, and paving a new path for future generations is what we all must strive now to achieve. We must continue to do more, say more and support more. We must no longer be active bystanders in allowing systemic violence, inequality, and oppression.

At Sodexo, we are for Quality of Life, for all, and we hope that you will all stand with us as we stand against gender-based violence.

EAP support is available through our partner, Benestar, contacted via 1300 360 364, or if you would like to raise any concerns, please contact the People Centre via 1800 SODEXO.

Best regards,

Country Leadership Committee
Sodexo Australia

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