Trends in Offshore Worker Quality of Life Expectations

Published on : 4/12/19
  • Let’s face it, living offshore can be both physically and mentally challenging. But it doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

    And according to the annual Sodexo Offshore & Marine Consumer Survey, for most offshore workers it isn’t.

    Quality of offshore life depends on three core factors: safety, comfort and social engagement. So, our mission is straightforward – to make sure offshore workers experience all three. The Sodexo Offshore & Marine Consumer Survey provides great insight into the everyday lives of thousands of offshore workers and how we can best adapt to their changing needs. We are extremely grateful for their nearly 60,000 responses over the last four
    years which have made this paper possible.

    In 2017, Sodexo also conducted a separate survey exploring employers’ business priorities. The results confirmed safety as the number one concern – with both physical and mental well-being also ranking highly. These findings have helped influence our approach.

    As a global service provider uniquely placed to explore and understand these insights, Sodexo is driving ever-deeper client relationships in a rapidly changing environment. What follows is a window into this knowledge and some examples of how we turn insight into foresight to improve offshore quality of life.

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