Sharing a philosophy of environmental sustainability and a great respect for this land, Yaru and Sodexo have formed a proud partnership to demonstrate our commitment to “closing the gap on disadvantage”.

As part of Sodexo’s 2012 Reconciliation Action Plan, Sodexo is committed to developing opportunities with Indigenous suppliers. In addition to providing Yaru water to clients and customers at selected sites, Sodexo is lending its expertise in supply chain management and distribution to Yaru Water as they expand their market opportunities to grow a sustainable business model.

Our commitment to Reconciliation is a long-term journey that will pay dividends by way individual and community sustainability.

Yaru water is bottled at the source, where for thousands of years, this living water has flowed from the rocks around the sacred mountainous peak of Wollumbin-Mt Warning, giving life, health, and abundance to all that thirst.

““Everybody recognises that water is life... That’s the heart of what Yaru water is about, it’s living water.” Kyle Slabb, Bundjalung Nation.”.

Yaru Water is available through Bunzl, a leading supplier of business to business consumable products in Australasia.

Yaru and Sodexo - a proud partnership that aims to share the stories of successful Indigenous business growth for generations to come

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