Sodexo partnered with CAN WA and Newmont Boddington Gold to deliver a community and public art project to honour Noongar culture, heritage and country in early 2013.

Noongar artist Lance Chadd worked with local Aboriginal artist Donna Beach, community members, CAN WA staff and mine employees to prepare, design, paint and carve a series of poles. Altogether they create a bold, bright and engaging art installation at Newmont Boddington Gold showcasing the local flora and fauna and the six Noongar seasons, in both Noongar and English.

“This project is a fundamental part of Sodexo’s reconciliation action plan commitments, where we looked to involve the communities where we work and give something back to them. It is part and parcel of what we as a company do and continue to aspire to do within local communities” Keith Weston, Sodexo Remote Sites Chief Operating Officer.

“The Noongar Boddington Pole project is a real testimony of the opportunities for creative community engagement. It generated enormous good will and brought together the Noongar people from the Gnaala Karla Booja region, the Shire of Boddington, artists and mine workers from Newmont Boddington Gold and Sodexo. Together they shared stories, learnt about Noongar culture and collectively made a huge contribution to the aesthetics and amenities of the mine site” Pilar Kasat, CAN WA Managing Director.

“For Newmont Boddington Gold it is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to Indigenous peoples, specifically recognising our partnership with the Gnaala Karla Booja claimants, and serves as an enduring visual reminder about one aspect of Noongar culture” Allan James, Newmont Social Responsibility Manager.

Please take a moment to watch a three minute video of the project, which illustrates what can be achieved through shared resources, expertise and passion.

Sodexo, through its Reconciliation Action Plan, continues to work with Indigenous peoples and communities throughout Australia supporting the development of individuals and local Indigenous populations and in particular the local communities in which our business operates.

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