Sodexo, world Leader in Quality of Life services, today announced it has expanded two significant contracts with oil & gas clients Seadrill and Shell, confirming their confidence in Sodexo’s deep sectoral knowledge, strong offering, and long-term partnership approach.

  • Seadrill, leading offshore drilling contractor, extends service to 90 % of global fleet
  • Shell, leading oil and gas producer, extends current contract period and adds new services and sites across five regions worldwide

The Seadrill contract spans 5 years with a total value of 200M€. The Shell contract represents 135M€ in annual revenue. Both expand Sodexo’s global footprint in the offshore and onshore oil & gas industry and across the value chain on all of our clients’ sites (upstream, midstream and downstream). These contract extensions are driven by the company’s commitment to safety and performance, a world-class service culture, technical expertise and a holistic approach to Quality of Life.

Seadrill has been a client since 2008 and in that time Sodexo has expanded operations from beginning in Norway, Asia and Africa and spreading to the Americas, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East. Sodexo services over 90 percent of Seadrill’s business in countries where the company operates.The extension will contribute to job stability in local communities, thanks to employment through new jobs both on and offshore.


Lindsay Tocher, CEO, Sodexo Offshore & Marine Worldwide, said of the Seadrill expansion: “Seadrill is a fantastic example of a client’s willingness to allow us to think outside the box to deliver solutions that are valuable to them. For example, we have co-designed living quarters with them to ensure they provide improved quality of life and safety to all users. We’ve expanded operations to new geographies to help our client reduce the cost of downtime. Despite a difficult market, we’ve been able to continue to deliver business continuity, safety and operational efficiency all of which has led to this enlarged contract scope.”

Sodexo’s Global Framework Agreement with Shell extends the current contract period an additional 30 months, out to December 2020 with additional countries and sites  (Gabon, Argentina), as well as additional services added to scopes of work in the Philippines and the United Kingdom. The current contract includes installations in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and coming in Q4, Australia. The expansion is the direct result of Sodexo’s successful delivery of a full package of services across a varied and dynamic global portfolio of sites. Shell embraces Sodexo’s concept of Quality of Life, making it a cornerstone of Sodexo’s service provision and a shared commitment.


Simon Seaton, CEO, Sodexo Onshore Energy Worldwide, said of the Shell expansion: I am extremely pleased to expand and extend our global relationship with Shell.  By focusing on health, safety, environmental and operational excellence we have proven our capabilities to Shell and now perform a wide range of food and facilities management services to them in a variety of operating environments, from offshore to corporate offices to production facilities and refineries.  This is the template for how we will continue to innovate and push the energy sector forward, partnering with our global strategic clients to mitigate the impact of supressed oil prices and ensure continuity of service and development of the local work force.”

Sodexo’s global Energy & Resources segment serves clients in the oil & gas, mining and engineering & construction industries as well as other energy sectors. The business offers more than 100 services to clients, including camp design, construction and administration, light and technical maintenance, security, waste management, food services, sport and culture activities, wellness and motivational programs and more.


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