Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, today marked a milestone in the mobilisation of the five year contract (with two extension options of 5 years each) by the Western Australian Government to manage and operate the new 254 bed women’s Melaleuca Remand and Reintegration Facility (Melaleuca).

The first Induction Training Course of Prison Custody Officers graduated today in front of proud family and friends in a ceremony held in Melaleuca.  The training has been delivered in partnership with the Department of Corrective Services Academy and included security and values-based sessions to ensure that all staff who work at Melaleuca are well-versed in the requirements of their roles in providing a safe, secure and respectful correctional environment for women prisoners. The training has been delivered in accordance with DCS standards and mandatory certifications. 

The graduates come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures which Sodexo sees as a valuable part in helping the women prisoners to successfully reintegrate back into the community and reduce their risks of re-offending.   The Prison Custody Officers will be working closely with Sodexo’s partners to provide culturally appropriate rehabilitation and reintegration services and programs.

Melaleuca will commence operating in December 2016.


Tony Leech, CEO Justice Services, Sodexo, said: “Today’s graduation is another milestone that brings us a step closer to the complete mobilisation of the Melaleuca contract.  We are excited to be working closely with the Western Australian government and the wider community to deliver excellent, ethical and innovative rehabilitative services.  Sodexo is committed to reducing re-offending and risk of harm, and improving the Quality of life of all those under our supervision and care.


About Sodexo Justice Services

Sodexo Justice Services

Sodexo is a trusted outsourcing partner in the public sector, working with central and local government and their agencies around the world to design and deliver better services for less. We are committed to meeting society’s expectation of public services that work better, at a lower cost to the taxpayer, and as partners who are transparent, accountable and make a positive impact on communities.

Prisons and community corrections

Since entering frontline justice services in 1993, we have become one of the world’s leading providers in custodial services, working in partnership with national and regional governments on 120 sites, in over 11 countries, delivering a range of full frontline and support services in both custody and community. Sodexo is the only private provider for women’s custodial services in the United Kingdom, where it has 20 years of experience in the justice system.  In the United Kingdom Sodexo manages five prisons with more than 5,000 prisoners, 800 of whom are women, and been awarded Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons highest rating for three of the prisons it manages.

In Australia, our current justice operations consist of management and operation of Melaleuca Remand and Reintegration Facility, and the providing Facility Management services to Acacia prison in Western Australia. However, we are harnessing our international resources, expertise and experience with the aim of qualifying for a much more significant and core frontline services role.

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