Sodexo is committed to improving quality of life not only for its clients and employees, but also the local communities in which it operates. For this reason, Sodexo has been supporting the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in a variety of ways since 2006.

The 2013 Safety in Schools initiative posed another fantastic opportunity for Sodexo to support the PMH and also Kidsafe in WA. Coordinated annually by Kidsafe, schools across WA are encouraged to focus on safety promotion to reduce childhood injuries.

Schools are the second most frequent location for childhood injuries to occur after the home, accounting for 11% of all injury presentations to the PMH Emergency Department. During this year there have been 2,136 individual presentations to PMH by children injured at school, with the latest statistics showing that 60% of recorded school based injuries occur in primary school aged children between 5 and 12 years of age.

At Sodexo, dedicated Health and Safety teams work to reinforce the importance of safety with its teams on-site and strive to reach the goal to reach Zero Harm. Sodexo will be donating $15,000 per year to the Safety in Schools initiative, for three years.

“Sodexo has chosen to support the Safety in Schools program over the next three years as a further measure to educate and prevent harm to our children across the state of WA. We see this as a positive investment in our local communities which is key to achieving our Better Tomorrow Plan commitments.” Scott Talbot, National Environment Manager, Sodexo

The launch of Safety in Schools was held at Mundaring Primary School on the 20th of September 2013. The Honourable Peter Collier MLC, Minister for Education officially launched the program during an assembly of invited guest, students, staff and the Mundaring Primary School community. Olympic gymnast, Olivia Vivian also shared her experiences on how injury prevention is important to her as an athlete.

Another major fundraising initiative of the PMH is the Ruggies Recycling program: a program that encourages mining sites across WA to develop environmental waste management programs, with proceeds from recycling being donated to the PMH. Sodexo has developed and implemented a comprehensive recycling program that spans all types of material including cardboard, glass, cans, plastic, uniforms, boots, and bags. To date, Sodexo has donated a total of $300,000 from proceeds of these recycling efforts to the PMH Foundation.

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