Sodexo Australia is a strong supporter of Mission Australia and the vital work they do with disadvantaged Australians every day. The two organisations have synergy in values and vision for a better tomorrow.

This partnership has seen Sodexo working with Mission Australia on a range of potential initiatives.

During December 2012 Mission Australia put on a Christmas party at Melbourne Zoo for women and children who may not otherwise have had the opportunity.

The children were treated to face painting and games and even a visit from Santa before Sodexo and their generous suppliers provided lunch, refreshments and sweet treats. The day concluded with a trip around the zoo to visit all the many varied animals living at Melbourne Zoo.

Febfast is a charitable trust which sets a national health challenge, to take a pause for the better and encourage people to take a break from alcohol in February. Through this initiative, funds are raised for key Mission Australia services that support vulnerable young people tackling serious alcohol and drug problems. In 2013, Sodexo is a proud supporter of Febfast, with employees in Support Centres and out on sites doing their bit to raise funds and awareness of these important issues.

One upcoming and very exciting project is to assist in providing job opportunities for those people who seek support from Mission Australia either as trainees or as part of a return to work program in hospitality. Sodexo have organised for three wait staff to work with the hospitality team of several top hotels throughout Australia, during Sodexo’s Star Awards events, their annual staff recognition awards ceremony.

This partnership has already seen some fantastic results and Sodexo is eager to grow and foster this to achieve outstanding milestones in the future.

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