Sodexo, the world leader in Quality of Life services, and Microsoft Corp. are launching a global partnership providing Sodexo with powerful cloud, internet of things and machine learning capabilities for new and enhanced digital services to clients, consumers and employees.

The partnership, announced by Denis Machuel, Sodexo Chief Executive Officer, and Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing & Operations, will combine the companies’ unique strengths to change the work experience delivered by Sodexo globally and optimise real-estate management. As technology becomes increasingly present in everyday life, Sodexo is reinforcing the use of data and analytics to respond to the evolving needs of its clients and consumers, and to provide innovative concepts and solutions.

As Sodexo is increasingly integrating digital solutions into client offers, this partnership will enable Sodexo to enhance quality of life on a large scale for clients with more than 100 million consumers in 72 countries, while also benefiting more than 460,000 Sodexo staff.

To ensure the successful delivery of the suite of different services, Sodexo has developed with Microsoft Consulting Services a sophisticated and integrated information platform as its digital foundation. The platform, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other Microsoft technologies, will provide a globally consistent physical and digital workplace experience that best supports the workers’ performance, collaboration and a suitable work life balance.

Azure will also provide an agile technology environment for new developments and innovations using trusted infrastructure, machine learning and data solutions.

This unique platform will deliver new value and benefits to Sodexo employees, clients and consumers by powering exceptional workplace experiences, streamlining facility management processes that drive agility and responsiveness on a global scale, and by building business relationships that are data-driven and collaborative. The platform will be launched initially in North America and expand to Europe and other regions over time.

As the 19th largest employer in the world, Sodexo will empower its hundreds of thousands of front-line workers with Microsoft solutions such as Office 365 to enhance schedule and task management, communications, training and onboarding.

Denis Machuel, Sodexo Chief Executive Officer, said:

"By combining Microsoft technological capabilities and our expertise as the world Leader in Quality of life services, together we will build a unique platform to drive innovation, agility and collaboration resulting in powerful service improvement for our clients and data-powered, personalised experiences for the consumers we serve.”

Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft executive vice president and president, Sales, Marketing & Operations, said:

Our partnership with Sodexo offers an exciting opportunity to collaborate towards bespoke cloud solutions based on real-life deployments in the services sector. I look forward to working alongside Sodexo to build a platform that inspires digital innovation among their global workforce, ultimately enhancing their customer offering and capabilities.”


About Sodexo in Australia: Sodexo in Australia employs a diverse workforce of over 5,000 employees. Sodexo delivers a unique array of over 100 integrated services lines including: catering, facilities management, concierge services, security, asset maintenance and hospitality services in the following segments: Corporate, Healthcare & Seniors, Education, Justice and Energy & Resources both on and off shore.


About Sodexo: Founded in Marseille in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo is the global leader in services that improve Quality of Life, an essential factor in individual and organisational performance. Operating in 80 countries, Sodexo serves 100 million consumers each day through its unique combination of On-site Services, Benefits and Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services. Through its more than 100 services, Sodexo provides clients an integrated offering developed over 50 years of experience: from food services, reception, maintenance and cleaning, to facilities and equipment management; from services and programs fostering employees’ engagement to solutions that simplify and optimise their mobility and expenses management, to in-home assistance, child care centres and concierge services. Sodexo’s success and performance are founded on its independence, its sustainable business model and its ability to continuously develop and engage its 427,000 employees throughout the world.

Sodexo is included in the CAC 40 and DJSI indices.

Key figures (as of August 31, 2017)

20.7 billion euro in consolidated revenues

427,000 employees

19th largest employer worldwide

80 countries

100 million consumers served daily

17 billion euro market capitalization (as of January 10, 2018)

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