Sodexo has become the first services provider to offer a global asset management service in compliance with ISO55001:2014.

At the end of a two year journey, Sodexo has received the accreditation for its global asset management framework and for the application of the framework at AstraZeneca’s Alderley Park and Macclesfield sites.

Sodexo is leading the way in offering comprehensive asset management capabilities globally and to clients in diverse segments ranging from corporate and healthcare, to manufacturing, mining and oil and gas. This was recognised at the end of 2014 when Sodexo became the first outsourcing company to win the prestigious Asset Management Achievement Award, given by the Institute of Asset Management to recognise excellence in the management of physical assets and infrastructure.

Keith Hamer, Group VP for Asset Management and Engineering for Sodexo said: “We are delighted that we have achieved this and that we are the first provider which can say that our global asset management system fully satisfies the requirements of ISO55001. We can now build on this achievement and continue to develop our capabilities which will differentiate us from our competitors. Our clients can be confident in our technical capability which will help us grow our business.

Phil Richardson, Global Lead for Asset Management at Astra Zeneca added: ” I was delighted to hear that the Sodexo team have successfully achieved accreditation to ISO55001. Sodexo is a vital partner in securing and enhancing the capability of our facilities. I am convinced that the accreditation will further assist Sodexo in driving and embedding its commitment to continuous improvement. In doing so our facility asset strategies, which are now consistently informed by Sodexo, will be more effectively controlled and the benefits from investment better realised.”

Sodexo has made the development into FM a strategic priority, and the contribution of FM services to its revenues continues to rise. This reflects the increasing demand of its clients for integrated services, as well as the industry-leading technical expertise of its teams, an expertise which is backed by the implementation of Sodexo’s Asset Management Framework. The Framework enables the capture and standardization of best practices across all sites.

Satya Menard, CEO of Service Operations for Sodexo, concludes: “Global clients expect global solutions, from partners who understand their business imperatives and can provide advanced technical services in an integrated way. But it’s not just the services we deliver – it’s the impact they have on our consumers that constitutes our true competitive advantage. “When we ensure a safe and comfortable workplace, designed for optimum efficiency; when we improve the robustness of our clients’ environment, their teams perform better, whether in a corporate headquarters in London, an R&D complex in Singapore or a hospital in Boston. Contributing to individuals’ quality of life boosts performance, everywhere in the world. And leading-edge physical asset management is instrumental to this mission.”

The expansion and growth of Sodexo’s technical services capability was firmly embedded into the organisation in 2012 with the creation of its Worldwide Technical Expertise Platform.

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