Chef Joanna Taylor-Agostino

Published on : 4/12/22
  • “To be a chef you have to have a lot of patience and be passionate about what you do"

    Since she was a little girl, Joanna Taylor-Agostino had aspirations of seeing the world outside her hometown of Derbyshire, England – so she became a chef. Chef Joanna Taylor-Agostino

    Joanna spent her free time working the kitchen circuit in local hotels and restaurants while studying to gain her City and Guilds Qualifications. When she completed her studies, Joanna couldn’t suppress the itch for adventure, and she set her sights on Australia. 

    Emigrating in 1992, it wasn’t long before she took up a position catering for a crew on a Prawn Trawler. Joanna thrived in this unfamiliar setting, often spending weeks at sea, and embraced the challenges that came with it. Having discovered her knack for mass catering, as soon as Joanna’s feet met solid ground, they carried her to work at the mines.

    In 2013, Joanna began work with Sodexo and, seven years on, she has relished the opportunity to meet lots of different and interesting people. In particular, she enjoys meeting chefs from differing backgrounds and listening to their insights and unique recipes. 

    But her work is not without learning. 

    “To be a chef you have to have a lot of patience and be passionate about what you do,” Joanna said. 

    Her passion can be tasted in her go-to mushroom risotto, which the drillers attest to at Tanami Village. Currently stationed in the Northern Territory, Joanne expresses the need for self-care in the kitchen. 

    “It is very hot working in the kitchen on a summer day, so stay hydrated!” Joanne said.

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