Australia, 11 February 2020 – Sodexo, world leader in quality of life services, has released a report on the state of Australia’s facilities management sector, identifying industry trends in technology, data, talent and sustainability.

Since Sodexo first entered the Australian market in 1988, the global company has been setting the standard for best practice in facilities management across the business, healthcare, education, government and justice sectors, and in 2001 did the same for the country’s energy and resources industry. 

Using automation and predictive data with cutting edge technology, Sodexo is delivering innovation, improvement and safety to clients and employees alike. Demonstrating its value, Sodexo’s use of augmented reality has seen the equivalent cost and productivity savings of one return flight and up to 12 hours of labour each time the technology is used.

The company is also a leader in sustainable practice and has set priorities such as stopping hunger, reducing single-use plastics, and minimising water, energy and food waste to combat the increasing environmental impact of business operation.

With a focus on inclusive employment, Sodexo has achieved teams which are diverse across a number of categories, and as a result, benefits from diversity of thought and strong foundations in its corporate culture.

Paul Amato, Director FM Platform, Sodexo Australia: “As the facilities management industry grows, Sodexo grows with it, and ahead of it, continuing to rise above client and consumer expectations in our delivery of quality of life services.”  

Facilities management encompasses services such as asset management, catering, waste management, health and fitness, security, and cleaning, to name a few. As a company, Sodexo provides more than 100 different service lines worldwide.

The industry is heavily relied upon by government and enterprise to manage the maintenance and operations of the Australia’s built environments.

Paul Amato, Director FM Platform, Sodexo Australia: “We are proud to provide a report on the current and future direction of facilities management and look forward to continuing to deliver upon these trends, while being a constant benchmark for improvement across the industry in Australia.”  

To read the full report, visit here

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