Sydney, Friday 5 May, 2017 Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services and Perth-based not-for-profit PEEDAC Pty Ltd are thrilled that their nomination of Kuditj, Perth’s leading Aboriginal owned and operated catering facility, was named a finalist at the Supply Nation Connect 2017 Supplier Diversity Awards.

Sodexo was also a finalist in the 2015 Corporate Member of the Year category and the recipient of the 2016 Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year award.

Kuditj was named a 2017 finalist in the category of Registered Supplier of the Year, announced at the Supply Nation annual Gala Dinner in Sydney last night after demonstrating significant growth in their business.

The Supply Nation Connect 2017 Supplier Diversity Awards are Australia’s highest recognition of compa-nies, government agencies and individuals which endeavour to develop Indigenous business and enterprise.

In 2014, Sodexo was engaged by PEEDAC to provide commercial support and operational expertise around the running of the Kuditj Café. Sodexo helped realign the business to offer a culturally sensitive yet commer-cially sustainable model in the form of a Corporate Function, Training and Conference Centre.

Celia Maiho, Manager, Kuditj, said: "We are honoured to receive this nomination as recognition of the commitment and outcomes the Kuditj team delivers on a daily basis."

Michael Thorne, Managing Director, PEEDAC, said: "I am extremely proud of Kuditj and the nomination we have received at Supply Nation Connect 2017. This recognises the strong partnership between PEEDAC Pty Ltd and Sodexo. Our nomination rewards all of the hard work, commitment and dedication from senior management and most of all our valuable Kuditj team."

Nick O’Callaghan, Country President, Sodexo Australia, said: "This nomination is testament to our strong partnership with PEEDAC, the exceptional work the Kuditj team delivers and Sodexo’s commitment to in-crease development and involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers in our business and explore innovative partnership models for better outcomes."

Paul Bean, CEO Mining Asia Pacific, Sodexo, said: "Kuditj has provided a relevant and unique forum which demonstrate Sodexo’s commitment to improving quality of life and cultural engagement via the de-velopment of a sustainable Aboriginal business. Congratulations to PEEDAC and the hardworking team at Kuditj on this nomination."


About Kuditj

Kuditj, meaning "to think and reflect", operates as the leading Aboriginal owned and operated catering facility in Perth. Centrally located in Beaufort Street Perth, the building is a significant place in the history of the Western Australian Aboriginal community. The dwelling was known as the Aboriginal Centre until 1968. When the curfew on Aboriginal people was lifted, it then became the Aboriginal Advancement Council Build-ing. Kuditj operates in the form of a corporate function, training and conference centre providing both internal and external catering to corporates. Kuditj deliveries and in-house catering have been a success with an ex-tensive menu that is well known for its Bush Tucker infused delicacies. Kuditj prides itself on providing oppor-tunity and training to Aboriginal community members who are interested in a career in the hospitality sector.

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PEEDAC is an Indigenous owned and operated, not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to make training, work experience and employment accessible to its clients. Founded in 1997 and today a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaarta-Moorda Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC), PEEDAC’s community services include the government funded Indigenous Community Links. PEEDAC delivers a wide range of programs including the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, Disability Employment Service (DES), and job-ready pro-grams and training through its Registered Training Organisation JobTrainWA.

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