Eloise Turner - Housing Manager

Published on : 6/26/24
  • For Eloise Turner, 2021 represented a professional crossroad when she seriously considered walking away from her 25-year property career.

    Ellie has seen it all during her time in property management; from first homes, new chances and growing families to people rebuilding after a family separation. Supporting her clients had become so emotionally taxing she was ready to throw in the towel.

    “I was ready to leave property all together and try something new when I got a call from a recruitment agency,” she said. 

    “Hearing about opportunities in Sodexo changed the tides for me. I figured ‘why not’.” 

    In her short time with the business, Ellie has experienced significant growth in her career—catapulting herself from a FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) Property Manager to a DIDO (Drive-In, Drive-Out) Housing Manager where she now oversees the maintenance and operation of more than 650 residential properties—as part of Sodexo’s 2,980 residential property management portfolio across the Pilbara. 

    Her hands-on approach and leadership skills have been instrumental in ensuring that everything runs smoothly, despite the challenges of operating in remote towns.

    “Where everything is available at the drop of a hat in Perth, in the Pilbara we have to be more prepared to manage the day-to-day maintenance requests,” she said. 

    “The noticeable difference for me here is the impact we can make for our residents. Our client owns the properties and wants their people to be supported in housing. Rio Tinto Iron Ore supply additional employee benefits for housing allowing Tenants to make home improvements to their properties.

    “I would never consider going back to mainstream property management now—or ever.” 

    Making tracks

    Where Ellie’s prior experience had been largely based out of metro towns working a typical 9-to-5, her initial placement in FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) was a big change. After three months of trialling, she wanted something more suitable to her family. 

    “Not being around my family was the biggest change for me. I had my young girls at home and wanted to be nearer to them, so I discussed DIDO (Drive-In, Drive-Out) opportunities with Sodexo,” she said. 

    While commuting from Perth to the Pilbara wasn’t unheard of, Ellie’s DIDO proposal meant relocating her family to Karratha—making the time of her daily commute comparable to a city commute. 

    "It was the best decision we ever made. And I honestly, hand on heart, wish I'd made it years ago," Ellie shared.

    “If I knew jobs like this existed, the family and I would’ve entered the FIFO industry ages ago.

    “The kids love Karratha and spend most of their time in the neighbourhood with their friends. It feels like what my childhood was like when I was a kid.” 

    Achieving work-life balance was something Ellie had resigned herself to as impossible in her previous role. But with her position with Sodexo and newfound community in Karratha, she has come to love what every working day brings her. 

    A sunny state of mind

    Relocating the whole family can be unsettling at first, but the community that Ellie found at Karratha has reinvigorated her outlook on her profession. Her people-driven approach and Spirit of Service has seen her foster thriving relationships with both colleagues and residents.

    “A week out of high school I got a job as a receptionist at a real estate company. It’s all I’ve known, and I was upset at the prospect of leaving it behind back in 2021,” Ellie said. 

    “Sodexo’s support in my relocation, as well as the job itself has reignited my passion for property management and has empowered me to look at what’s available in the business.

    “I encourage everyone who feels stuck in a role like I was to consider a job with Sodexo. I can actually say that I love my job. Not a lot of people can say that they do, or that they enjoy getting up for work every day. But I am really happy where I am.” 

    Ellie’s tenacity and willingness to explore the unknown has changed her life. She is most proud of the professional development she has achieved with Sodexo—and firmly believes that it is only up from here.  
    Now reflecting on her role with the business, she tells everyone to embrace what is outside of their comfort zone, and to expect the unexpected. 

    “I didn’t know roles like this existing in Energy & Resources. The fact is, with companies like Sodexo, there is opportunity around every corner for any skillset. You just must give it a go.” 


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