Sodexo Command Centre

Published on : 7/2/24
  • Sodexo Australia provides integrated facility management services across 70 remote villages. Our commitment to improving the ‘Quality of Life’ of our residents is achieved by delivering service excellence along with responsive and effective onsite support.

    Supporting Our Client Needs

    Sodexo’s Energy & Resources clients FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) workforces spend lengthy periods away from the comfort of home. At the end of a shift, workers want to return to comfortable and clean accommodation and expect any issues to be resolved quickly, and with familiarity and care. They also need somewhere to turn to for any personal emergencies or potentially life-threatening scenarios. 

    24/7 Support Function

    Sodexo’s Australian Command Centre provides a 24/7 365 day per year call centre, operating in alignment with Sodexo’s global Command Centre standards. Digital channels enable requests to be lodged for convenience. 

    Comprehensive Support Services

    Our friendly team is dedicated to offering our clients thorough support, covering:

    • Asset and maintenance faults: including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and catering equipment. 
    • Village Services: including requests for cleaning, special order catering, feedback management, or security. 
    • Catering Requests: including food/beverage services outside of the standard Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner offering within the village dining rooms. 
    • Personal Emergency Management: rapidly connecting customers with help, including those suffering psychosocial episodes, welfare check requests, or physical trauma.  
    • Town-based Services: including Property Management requests, community member enquiries, or high energy bill investigations.  
    • Travel Management, including commercial and charter flight bookings, car hire requests, and room management for rostered employees and non-rostered travellers to site. 
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