Amrun Village FIFO Room Refurbishment

Published on : 3/18/24
  • Amrun Village is located 40km south of Weipa in Far North Queensland. It offers 819 accommodation rooms for Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) workers. Sodexo delivers all essential on-site services on behalf of its client, including accommodation rooms, community areas, dining, sporting, and recreational spaces.


    Amrun’s accommodation rooms have not been refurbished since its initial installation in 2015.

    Feedback from village residents indicated that the dated rooms did not provide a relaxing environment in which to unwind after work, directly impacting the client’s ability to attract and retain employees in a challenging Energy and Resources job market.

    Sodexo Solution

    Sodexo proposed refurbishment works to rejuvenate an initial 64 dated rooms to modern accommodation standards.

    These works included replacing walls, flooring, furniture, electrical wiring and fittings, plumbing and bathroom fixtures, vanities, and fresh paint.

    Our proposal also included opportunities for local community businesses to supply materials and associated logistics.


    Impact - Achieved Together

    To date, Sodexo is on track to successfully refurbish the first allocation of 64 rooms and is working with the client on a proposal to refurbish all remaining rooms across Amrun Village.

    This project has a direct positive impact on the living conditions for Amrun’s workforce, which in turn supports the client’s ability to attract and retain resource workers. The benefit also extends to the local community, businesses, and sporting and social clubs in Weipa.

    Over the next 2-3 years, Sodexo intends to refurbish an additional 750 rooms, further bolstering our relationship with the client, residents, and local community businesses.

    Over 12 months, the Sodexo projects team achieved:

    • 400 projects across 5 towns, 32 villages, 210 houses, and 5 aerodromes
    • 2,100 rooms refurbished
    • 6 million of water saved
    • 60km of water pipes installed
    • Covering an area of more than 500,000 km2 
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