Jasmine Thompson - Electrical Apprentice

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Published on : 6/14/22
  • “I haven’t felt anything but acceptance from the Sodexo team. Although I am the only female apprentice currently on my site, I am taken at face value. I am here to learn and make the most of it.”

    As a young girl, Jasmine Thompson didn’t have opportunities to cultivate ‘handyman’ skills, despite her keen interest in hands-on or skilled trades. Now more than a decade on, Jasmine has decided to follow her gut and crush gendered stereotypes as an Electrical Apprentice with Sodexo.

    “When I was finishing high school, I was presented with the choice of either going to university or getting a trade,” Jasmine said.

    “At the time I felt pressure to go to university, but even then, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.”

    Despite her underlying passions, Jasmine used her strong aptitude for applied maths to obtain her Bachelor of Accounting in Queensland.

    Once her studies were complete, she decided to move interstate to Western Australia, away from her family and support network. Jasmine was unfazed by the move and used her growing momentum to step into a role as an auditor for the next seven years.

    Being an auditor was fine, but I was tired of working day in day out in front of a computer. I wanted a challenge,” she said.

    “I have always been around people who were involved in some way in a trade. They really fostered my interest in electrotechnology.”

    Jasmine took the leap and enrolled at her local TAFE to start the pre-application process. It was only a short while afterwards, she was scrolling through job postings and saw an open position for an Electrical Apprentice at Sodexo.

    “I had become accustomed to such a generous pay as an auditor, that to continue my lifestyle as an apprentice, I felt FIFO was the best option for me,” Jasmine said.

    “It was scary ending a career to start another one so far from my comfort zone, but it has absolutely paid off.”

    Not only entering a male-dominated industry in terms of her trade and working Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO), Jasmine is also considered a ‘mature age’ apprentice. Despite the circumstances, Jasmine has not felt hindered and has excelled in her ambitions.

    “I know that I am just as good as anyone else and because I believe that I haven’t experienced any real opposition in this transition,” Jasmine said.

    I haven’t felt anything but acceptance from the Sodexo team. Although I am the only female apprentice currently on my site, I am taken at face value. I am here to learn and make the most of it.”

    Proving the adage that it is never too late to take a chance on yourself, Jasmine feels that she has made the right move.

    “It has been so straightforward, I feel like I am where I need to be,” she said.

    Starting with Sodexo in March 2022, Jasmine is about to start her first block at the College of Electrical Training in Joondalup.

    “Everything is so new and exciting, and I am looking forward to starting the TAFE component to start cultivating the technical knowledge to back up the practical work I am currently doing,” she said.

    Under the supervision of her qualified team, Jasmine has been ‘on the tools’ supporting in maintenance work. This has included learning the basics of electrical installation, and understanding, identifying, tagging and testing regimes, as well as working with other trades to have an overview of the interconnectedness of trades between different worksites.

    “What I have realised since starting my apprenticeship with Sodexo is that I have more time to learn on-site. We aren’t so rushed, so my supervisors can really take the time to talk me through it all,” Jasmine said.

    I'm really impressed with the team culture at Sodexo, and the opportunity to meet a variety of people, such as tenants, clients and residents at the village.

    “As a female in a non-traditional trade area, I’ve felt included and on equal footing from the first day. Everyone is very respectful and encouraging.”

    The piece of advice Jasmine would offer anyone considering a trade would be to ‘just go for it’.

    “You have to be open to change and backing yourself. Take the leap and follow what you want to do,” Jasmine said.

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