Lisa Ling - Service Attendant

Published on : 11/23/21
  • After her children had flown the nest, then hotel worker Lisa Ling decided it was time to do something for herself. Having heard of the flexibility and variety FIFO had to offer, Lisa decided to give it a red-hot crack.

    Making it clear it’s never too late to try something new, Lisa has just celebrated her 10-year anniversary with Sodexo.

    I chose Sodexo because we shared the same core values,” Lisa said. 

    “I’m very proud of my achievements and am very grateful to have grown alongside Sodexo.”

    As a Service Attendant, Lisa takes pride in being able to interact with all different trades and service areas on-site. To her peers, this pride is seen in her passion and persistence to ensure everyone feels seen, especially in the recent pandemic. 

    “I just want to be part of it and be proactive to keep everyone’s morale high,” Lisa said. 

    Lisa’s impact has been recognised throughout the business. 

    “Lisa shows the same great enthusiasm in her role as when she was first promoted into the role in the kitchen and dining room. Her infectious attitude, problem solving skills, and resilience makes her a great role model for our new starters,” Luke Kohn, Lisa’s Village Manager, said. 

    Luke has also shared that her positive outlook on life has been known to turn people’s bad day around. 

    This can be attributed to Lisa’s mantra: ‘Love the life you live. Live the life you love’.

    For Lisa, her love of life comes from service to others. When she is not gardening at home or volunteering at her local football club, she is known to regularly visit Aged Care facilities where she will read to and play games with the residents to remind them that people still care about them. 

    “Mental health is important to me,” Lisa said, “Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel supported and heard.”

    In FIFO, it can be hard being away from your loved ones, so just putting a smile on people’s faces or asking them if they’re really okay is something I actively try to do.” 

    Recently transitioned to lifestyle roster, Lisa is making the most of her down time in her new home in Port Lincoln, which she has said was made financially possible through her work with Sodexo. 

    “I am setting myself up for a happy retirement, and this is the town I’ll do it in. I feel so lucky to have been taken on by Sodexo, even after sharing my hearing loss,” Lisa said.

    “This was the first time I have ever put my hearing loss on a job application and I was so afraid I wasn’t going to be hired. But Sodexo took me on, and they have taken every measure to ensure I was not discriminated against or held back because of my hearing.” 

    Lisa is thankful for the people she has met throughout her journey with Sodexo, and is excited to see where her next chapter takes her.  

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