Julie Cheek Wellness Advisor

Published on : 2/8/22
  • The role of Wellness Advisor may cause many to imagine someone instructing in a gym or yoga studio. But as Julie Cheek would tell you, it’s a holistic and increasingly important position which spans beyond far beyond just physical health.

    Joining Sodexo 18 months ago, with 30 years of wellness coaching knowledge and experience, Julie was quick to place emphasis on the mental side of wellness. 

    Julie says:

    Wellness Advisor is the perfect descriptor for my role at Sodexo; I cover entertainment, mental wellness and physical wellness for every person on site,”

    Day-to-day, Julie oversees the wellbeing of more than 1,600 people on a site located three hours out of the closest town in remote Western Australia.

    “For me, wellbeing is not about solving problems, but rather, being a listening ear and guiding those who reach out for support.”

    Julie Cheek ProfileJulie’s patience and tolerance for others was recognised in her from a young age. Originally from England, Julie completed primary school in Central Africa and high school in the Middle East. It was in these formative years Julie believes she learnt to be resilient and adapt to any situation.

    “If you choose to live or be in a certain environment, there are rules that come with being there, and you often have to accept them and persevere,” Julie said.

    “Living in the Middle East taught me to listen intently to the people around me and take time to really understand what they are saying.

    “This is a lesson I endeavour to implement in my everyday life, particularly working in the FIFO.”

    After moving to Australia in her late teens, Julie became a fitness coach before moving into Les Mills training, boxing and Pilates. As the years continued, Julie progressed into the mental health aspect of training.

    Now with career experience in accounting and lifestyle coaching, Julie believes she has found her perfect fit in Sodexo.

    “Although I love FIFO work, a lot of people struggle with mental wellbeing while working away from their homes and families,” Julie said. 

    “Often all they need is a friendly face and someone who genuinely cares to guide them on how to cope or where to go for the best help on site.

    “It comes down to listening to those around me. I listen to the person's story to be able to give them the best of me, whether it be training, mental health, a hug, or whatever it is.” 

    Julie’s ‘best’ is seen every day through the connections she forms with her peers to make sure they feel seen and valued.


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