Lewis Wright - Health and Safety Environment (HSE) Advisor

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Published on : 10/31/22
  • Trying his hand at several roles across Sodexo’s operations – including retail and industrial cleaning, bus driving and catering – a consistent passion for safety has seen Lewis Wright transition into his favourite role yet as a Health and Safety Environment (HSE) Advisor.

    Starting out in 2019, Lewis had joined Sodexo for a taste of the Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) lifestyle.

    “FIFO was the work that was going on at that time, and I had a friend who referred me onto Sodexo. Their experience influenced my decision a lot,” Lewis said.

    Almost immediately recognised as a team player, it wasn’t long after joining that Lewis was given opportunities to train in other roles within the company. Of all the roles he encountered, being a bus driver was the one he really enjoyed.

    Being a bus driver is one of the best roles you can get on-site. I think some people have this impression that you sit around, and you drive, and you don't do anything beyond that. But it’s quite a responsibility because you're looking after the safety of fifty people.” Lewis said.

    Lewis’s constant appreciation for safety did not go unnoticed, the care he took as a Bus Driver was recognised when he was approached with the HSE Advisor role.

    “It was something I had never considered before, and to be honest I was still tentative when I said yes to it,” he said.

    “It seemed a little bit too abstract and not very hands-on, but I had faith in Sodexo and in the team at that site – especially the Village Manager who referred me to the role.

    “I really appreciate the people that have put my name in for different roles and training.”

    Going out on a limb and training with the team, Lewis realised the role was a lot more concrete and action-oriented than he had previously thought. Taking on his new roster and increased responsibilities, he now feels like he’s hitting his stride.

    “As I’ve gotten into the role, I found I even enjoy the paperwork, as well as getting to interact with every service area and talking to different people,” Lewis said.

    “A large part of the role is developing relationships with people, trying to get them to work safely and follow your advice.

    I do a lot more on-site than I used to, and also get more time at home which is a big positive.”

    Lewis’s background with colleagues, clients, and contractors, as well as his first-hand knowledge of the sites, have allowed him to confidently step into this role, amplifying the skills his Village Manager had identified in him.

    Lewis’s advice is to be prepared for the FIFO lifestyle and make the most out of the opportunities and training available.

    It's not always easy, and it’s tiring. Be prepared for long hours and prioritise yourself – that includes making sure you sleep and build a network of friends on-site,” he said.

    “Once you learn to prioritise your well-being, the rest will come easily.

    “There’s a lot going on at Sodexo, which means there are a lot of opportunities too. Put your hand up as much as possible and just see where it takes you.”

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