Claudio Maggioni - FIFO Bus Driver

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Published on : 12/21/22
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  • Claudio Maggioni’s approach to life and work can be summed up in two words: “why not".

    That’s the approach he took when he trained as a chef in Italy, spent his younger years travelling around Europe working hospitality jobs, opened his own restaurant in New Zealand with his brother, and when he moved to Australia to start a family with his wife.

    The same “why not” approach came into play again when he decided to retire from the kitchen after 30 years, pursuing a fresh start as a Bus Driver with Sodexo’s Transport Pathway Program.

    After joining Sodexo as a chef in 2019, Claudio found he wanted to pursue a completely new adventure and gain new skills.

    “I had been a chef for more than 30 years at that point,” Claudio said.

    “I just needed more goals, more challenges, so I went and applied for Sodexo’s Transport Pathway Program. I got the email back, went to the interview, got accepted and started from there.”

    Although his Head Chef and Village Manager at Sodexo were sad to see him go, Claudio said his team were very supportive of his transition to the program.

    “One of my friends on the site actually encouraged me to move to transport and advised that it was amazing,” he said.

    “I was already thinking about it, so I said, ‘Why not? This could be good’.”

    From there, Claudio began the three phases of Sodexo’s two-week Transport Pathway Program to obtain his Heavy Rigid Licence and Bus Competency, First Aid qualifications, and safety training before undertaking a soft landing on-site.  

    Claudio said while he was completing his training, he was grateful to be able to rely on the support of his friends—his team and cohort at Sodexo.

    I’ve met a lot of friends at Sodexo. Where I am now is a great village. I’ve met great people and I really am happy,” he said.

    “All the team are so supportive. Not even just the transport team, but everyone from the Village Manager to my supervisor, everyone.”

    Claudio said this move was a great way for him to boost his morale while staying in the familiar and supportive environment he had found in Sodexo.

    On the completion of his fifth full swing, Claudio’s eagerness to learn, adaptability and leadership qualities saw him promoted to Leading Hand of his site’s transport department.

    “I do enjoy it. I like the challenge to adapt to the job. It’s different from the kitchen. I really do enjoy the people and the site,” he said.

    “I always liked driving around Europe, but now I’ve just had to learn how to drive a bus.”

    Most importantly, Claudio finds that the FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) lifestyle has allowed him to make up for the quality time with his family he missed out on in recent years.

    “Now I can do the simple things, like take them to school and pick them up. I get to be more present in their lives,” he said.

    To anyone considering this program, he asks “why not?”.

    “Just do it. It’s something different, but don’t be scared to give it a go,” he said.

    The first swing is always the hardest. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Don’t give up straight away.”

    You have to give yourself a chance to just try it.”

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