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Preparing for our #NewNormal


Preparing for our #NewNormal

In Australia, we are beginning to see the positive outcomes of having extensive measures in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. With cases reducing daily, state governments are in the initial phases of easing restrictions. As they do so, businesses are beginning to consider what returning to work will look like in the weeks and months ahead. This page outlines our thoughts and some solutions to support organisations to be ready for the ‘new normal’.

Drivers of Change

The world will never be quite the same following COVID-19. We see five potential drivers of change pushing businesses to adapt, transform the way workplaces are organised and drive the adoption of digital technologies.

Grab and go style food

Changed expectations around food

Through digital services and retail, we’re able to ensure the engagement of stakeholders both within and beyond the workplace. These services provide solutions such as pre-ordering, grab & go, and contactless payment among others.

two persons waring PPE

COVID-19 is here for the medium term

Having experienced the effects of the virus across the world, we’re aware of the potential for second and even third waves of the virus to emerge. Sodexo can help you prepare your business and your workplace for this.

man is having consultation

Physical and mental health at the forefront

The significant changes in how businesses are able to operate makes the health, safety and mental wellbeing of employees a serious concern. Our world-class health and safety standards and services, translated into practical, efficient workplace design, will assure employees when they return to work.

Woman is having video conference in front of a laptop PC

The shift to remote working

Even after workplaces reopen, remote working arrangements are likely to continue, because of business continuity plans, or to enable flexibility for employees with caregiving needs. Sodexo can help you to create a more effective, tech-driven workspace to facilitate different working styles and arrangements.

hands holding a tree

The importance of sustainability

This is an opportunity to rethink how businesses can reduce the environmental impact of their operations. For example: from a supply chain perspective, the new normal allows us to focus on local sourcing of fresh products. From energy management to responsible sourcing and reducing waste, Sodexo can help.

A Safe, Confident Return to Work

Building on our proven experience working with our clients and stakeholders in China, around the world, and here in Australia in the earlier phase of this crisis, we have the expertise and agility as a strong driving force to support organisations to progressively return to their activities, working together to provide a safe environment. Download our brochure to find out more about the services we can provide to help businesses and organisations overcome the challenges of the new normal.

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