After entering the wrong course number on his TAFE application Graeme’s career projection was drastically altered – but with no regrets! 

Mistakenly choosing a chef apprenticeship over cabinetry making, Graeme now has more than 25 years of culinary experience under his belt and has embraced the culinary art. Graeme joined Sodexo in 2012 and he is now one of our Senior Regional Chefs.

“Working my way up as a chef, my role is now much more diverse, liaising with traditional landowners and considering the financial aspect of our work. Every day is different and that’s what I love about it,” Graeme said.  

Two years into his career with Sodexo, Graeme became the first Western Australian in the company to go on the Global Chef Tour, where he served Australian cuisine across seven U.S. states in 30 days! But this isn’t his crowning achievement. 

Graeme is most proud of his work at the Yothu Yindi Foundation’s Garma Festival, which promotes traditional values and bridging of gaps within Indigenous communities. Over the past three years, Graeme has overseen a team of 60 Sodexo employees to produce 30 thousand meals during the four-day festival. 

“Many of our volunteers describe it as a ‘pinnacle opportunity’ of working with Sodexo, to experience the traditional values of the people and be a part of such an important event.”

When looking at his advancement opportunities, Graeme credits his determination and the support provided by Sodexo. Graeme also believes a kitchen is successful when everyone brings their own unique experiences to the table. He emphasises the importance of absorbing the knowledge of your peers and mentors. 

Graeme’s parting advice for emerging chef’s would be to “work hard and keep an eye on the knife!”

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