I have been with Sodexo since 2005 and during this time Sodexo has been totally supportive of my career.

Chef is preparing the foodWhen I first started in 2005, I was a chef manager at Thomas Bowden Retirement village. Then was given the opportunity to apply for chef manager roll to a larger site, I was encouraged and supported through the whole process. I was then transferred to Uniting Arrunga, an aged care facility. Here I continue my journey as a Chef Manager. I am also supporting other sites when necessary.

I have been exposed to several training programs which are constantly providing me with new knowledge, and the ability to be the best Chef Manager I can be.  I feel supported and encouraged and I hope that is evident to my team in my encouragement to them.  I go home and feel like I have achieved something of importance in not only my day, but the day of the residents whose life I impact in a positive manner.

Every day I feel confident that my team will deliver the best service they can to our residents at Arrunga, and I too work hard to make sure that our residents and families are happy with the service they are provided when becoming part of our community.

In 5 years’ time I would like to see myself progress to the next level in my career trajectory.

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