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United for progress

Sustainability solutions cannot be found alone, and that’s why we’re building resilient partnerships to amplify our efforts and drive change at scale. Our contribution to causes like animal welfare, the improvement of food supply chains or the reduction of food waste can only be strengthened by partnerships with international organisations that are amplifying our efforts and supporting us with tools and initiatives that help us go further.

Food waste

Yume_foodIn 2018, we purchased more than 16.9 metric tonnes of quality surplus food which is equivalent to 42,232 meals! This has saved 1.1 million litres of water and prevented 33 tonnes of CO2 emissions. By working with Yume, the leading surplus food market, we are well positioned to achieve our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments by tackling the food waste problem through upstream supply channels in addition to pre and post-consumption.

At global level, we recognise that significant strides in the conservation of natural resources requires collaboration across the globe. With support from the International Food Waste Coalition, Champions 12.3, the World Resources Institute, and ReFed , we are privileged and poised to help lead the charge in reducing food waste.


Animal welfare

Cows standing in a misty field As one of the founders of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW), we are committed to improving animal welfare standards throughout the global food supply chain. Starting from 2018, we use cage-free fresh eggs across all our Australian operations with full alignment with RSPCA's approved standards.We have established sustainable purchasing practices with our suppliers through the Sodexo Supplier Code of Conduct.

Closing the Gap

Quality of Life is Sodexo’s organisational purpose. We know that opportunities, relationships and respect are required to deliver outstanding, measurable and meaningful outcomes with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities. 

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