Did you know that Mental health conditions are among the leading cause of disability around the world?



At Sodexo, we’re committed to providing a work environment where people can bring their whole selves to work – this includes those with visible and invisible disabilities, often a source of untapped talent. Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our business strategy and a cornerstone of our culture.

I Hear You

In 2015, Sodexo initiated ‘I Hear You’ across its Australian business, which provides tangible, meaningful and immediate support to its employees in times of personal crisis as well as providing the skills to detect signs of personal crisis among friends, family and colleagues.

‘I Hear You’ has opened the discussion for Sodexo’s workforce on what has historically been a difficult subject. Sodexo continues to work on embedding preventative measures and early reaction capabilities for mental health issues in the workplace.

Sodexo Australia won the Workforce Innovation Award at AMMA 2015 for implementing this holistic mental health awareness initiative.

Sodexo is also partnering with beyondblue, the leading organisation to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the Australia.By raising awareness and understanding, Sodexo empowers our employees to seek help and stops the employees from reaching a crisis.