Personal & Home Services

Today’s changing lifestyles are prompting people to seek new ways of improving their quality of life. These new aspirations have opened up a new market of personal and home services, in which Sodexo is now delivering innovative solutions.


It is essential for children to acquire a solid academic foundation. For adults, learning new disciplines is becoming more and more popular as a source of personal fulfillment. In both cases, customized solutions are the answer to give people with busy schedules every chance of succeeding.

Ensuring academic success

Most parents are eager to see their children perform well in school, as their grade point average will significantly improve their professional life later on. For parents who often lack the time and skills for tutoring, outsourcing the task to professionals is an ideal alternative. We design, manage and provide solutions tailored to the needs of each family to keep students from falling behind and helping them to prepare for exams.

Adult learning

Learning is a lifelong process for adults as well, whether studying a foreign language, improving their mastery of a musical instrument or training to use new software.

Some people prefer the traditional method of learning with the help of a coach at home. In Belgium, our subsidiary Educadomo offers the services of a wide network of coaches that are carefully selected for their expertise and teaching skill. Educadomo offers individual tutoring and courses in every field.

Others prefer distance learning, also known as e-learning, through which the coach provides help in an online classroom. This method has met with considerable success in the United States, where our partner makes private teachers available for all via the Internet. Additionally, as achieving a healthy work-life balance is an important issue for working people, we also enable companies to include these offers among their employee benefits.


Sodexo's subsidiary, Educadomo, is the in-home tutoring leader in Belgium.